Active Minds Workshop

Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre, Glasgow
July 18-19 2018.

A free workshop exploring human computer interaction, mobile health, mental health, and physical (in)activity.


Technology designed to encourage physical activity is often narrowly focused on quantification (e.g. step counting) and goal setting (e.g. 10000 steps per day). This kind of technology is important, but often misses the value and practicalities of physical activity in our everyday lives. For example we often miss the value of walking to mental health and wellbeing, as well as overlook maladaptive uses and excessive exercising. We also often overlook the physical and mental health challenges many people face in doing physical activity, where simply providing quantifications is not enough.

It is also important to see the development of technology for promoting physical activity in the broader context of self tracking technology, location based systems, assistive technologies, games for health, and technology for mental health and wellbeing. It is also important to consider technology for promoting physical activity in the context of a diverse user base.

To date there have been few opportunities for researchers working on the broad set of issues in mobile health to come together to discuss how and why different people can be encouraged to be more active. This workshop will be exploratory, bringing together diverse participants to spark new ideas and directions for research and development of technology for promoting and enabling physical activity.

Call for participation

This event is open to anyone that would like to attend. We welcome participants with an interest or background in any of the areas the workshop will consider. People intereseted in this workshop might include:

  • Researchers, academics and postgraduate students from computer science, health, psychology, social science and beyond, and with interests in mobile technology and areas such as: physical activity, mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodiversity, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, physical disability, accessibility, behavioural change (or other relevant areas).
  • Medical and clinical professionals specialising in mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders and other areas with interests in technology for physical activity.
  • Individuals with lived experience of mental health conditions, neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodiversity, disability and other issues, or individuals with caring experiences for individuals affected by these (either concurrently or with a relevant history).
  • Software developers and industry researchers with expereince or interests in relevant technology such as games for health and personal tracking applications.
  • Anyone that would like to attend Our aim with this workshop is to be broad and 'think outside the box'.

Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Quantified self and personal tracking: lessons learned across different areas
  • Games and other technologies that enable, encourage, or reduce barriers to physical activity
  • Behavioural change and physical activity promotion.
  • Addressing mental health, neurodiversity, accessibility and other issues when developing technology for physical activity.
  • Looking beyond physical health outcomes in designing and evaluating technology for physical activity.
  • Understanding the relationship between technology, physical activity, and mental wellbeing.
  • Understanding the role of relevant technology in social relationships and positive lifestyles

The workshop will be broad and exploratory, and we hope to encourage varied topics and discussions.

Evening Meal

We will organise an evening meal. Venue TBA.


Registration is now open. Anyone is welcome to register. If you only plan to attend part of the workshop, if is helpful if you can inform the organisers.

The full schedule is availbale here: programme.html


Dr Maki Rooksby (University of Glasgow)

Dr John Rooksby (Northumbria University)

Prof Matthew Chalmers (University of Glasgow)

Prof Helen Minnis (University of Glasgow)

Dr Jonathan Delafield-Butt (University of Strathclyde)

Dr. Dave Murray-Rust (University of Edinburgh)


The workshop will be at the Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre in Glasgow

Information about travel to the venue and visiting Glasgow is available here: travel.html


For enquiries about the workshop, including advice on attending and travelling to Glasgow, contact:

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